Primary School

We teach our primary school kids to

fall in love with themselves so that

they can own their critical thinking abilities early.

High School

We instill learning, combined with

a strong set of values that nurture and challenge our teenagers in and out of the classroom.


Tomorrow calls for a new type of leader. We challenge students to integrate an evolving sense of self with the needs and demands of the world.

and transform Africa!

Experience 'Utu'.


What Is UTU?

No two minds ever come together without creating a third force, and a power that propels towards greatness, if done in the spirit of complete harmony and belonging.

It's the feeling that I am because you are - also known in Kiswahili as 'Utu'.

Utu espouses self-mastery, humanity, dignity, support, and learning that will stir you towards continuous shifts and transformation of your mind, body, and spirit.

You will push out procrastination and the wish for a bigger life by choosing to act on that innate desire to be the best you can be - all in the spirit of extreme joy and fun!

Join Design Your Life. Embrace


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